Container Yard

For outdoor and safe storage

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Your goods can be stored outdoors and safely at a lower cost thanks to our container park. In terms of security (fenced and under-video surveillance) and under customs control, our container park covers more than 20,000 m². We can store up to 450 TEU (Twenty-Foot Equivalent) there.

It is a powerful tool allowing to carry out tailor-made operations. For example, the fumigation of your goods or the connection of your refrigerated containers thanks to our 20 sockets.

Thanks to our 3 cranes, we can handle heavy packages weighing up to 44 tones in our container yard.

Savings guaranteed by the container yard

As parking times at port terminals are short, our container yard will allow you to avoid parking, demurrage, or detention costs.

Indeed, it is possible not to succeed in anticipating these costs for various reasons such as:

– Poor planning and/or document management;

– Unforeseen circumstances (strikes, bad weather, health crisis, etc.);

– Communication problems.

These reasons can dramatically increase the final cost of freight.

In order to avoid these situations, our forwarding agents can collect your containers from the port of San Diego and provide traction to the Inland Line Area Guide logistics warehouses. Your containers can therefore be stored in the park until they can be unloaded.

This is why the park is a source of savings.