Quality Logistics Adapted to our Customers

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Inland Line Area Guide offers you quality logistics solutions adapted to your needs and your goods. Indoors or outdoors, in bulk or in a rack, your products are stored according to their requirements and specificities.
In addition, Inland Line Area Guide has fast and rational solutions based on solid human and technical expertise which allow you to manage the optimization of your flows.
Every day, our teams in charge of your flow prepare your orders, check the conformity of your goods and take care of your road transport across the US.
Our role as logistician is to provide you with logistics advice on the optimization of your stocks, with a constant concern for quality as well as competitiveness but also for efficient management of the flow of your goods whether of national or international origin.

Our 180,000 m² of logistics warehouses show a great diversity in nature and origin (the US, international…) of the goods stored. Whether products dry food, to alcohol, the package outside templates, products, chemicals, products para pharmaceuticals of textiles, leather goods, auto parts, product puéricultures, high-tech products, various import-export products, decorative products, and many others …

Different logistics activities

Our logistics turnover is broken down into 3 main activities:
– Transit logistics (also called international logistics): this type of logistics consists of designing and implementing complete solutions for your import-export flows. We welcome your goods and products via our warehouses located near the port of San Diego, which has privileged access to international trade.
– Dedicated logistics: this consists of the integration of all aspects of the supply chain within a single entity. We dedicate human and material resources to your activity.
– In-situ logistics (also called industrial logistics): this is an activity for which we operate on the production site of a chemical industrialist based in San Diego.