International Import Export Logistics

International logistics: Design and implement complete solutions for your import-export flows

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Inland Line Area Guide offers a turnkey service for the logistics management of international maritime flows for import and export. We also offer end-to-end management of operations.

In full containers or groupage containers, the Inland Line Area Guide teams manage the port approach. That is to say: unloading, quantitative and qualitative controls, storage, preparation of orders, and land transport.

Thanks to computer connections with the various port stakeholders, Inland Line Area Guide provides real-time monitoring of goods. Thanks to our responsiveness and reliability, we allow our customers to work just in time.

A panel of imported and exported products

Inland Line Area Guide’s clientele consists of a multitude of importers (products mainly from countries outside the US) but also exporters.

The company’s customer portfolio shows great diversity in the nature of the products. Whether it concerns dry food products, oversized packages, chemicals, para pharmaceuticals, and many others…

Our teams work at all stages of the supply chain, from receipt of merchandise to final delivery (charter or courier).

The diversity of our warehouses allows us to offer you tailor-made services, meeting your needs and adapting to your specifications. Indeed, we can store your products in racks or in bulk but also have recourse to cross-docking.

Our advantages

We manage the international logistics of your products through different services.

Port traction: our own tractors allow us to quickly remove your containers from port terminals. We manage your priorities, so you minimize your parking costs at the terminals.

Container park: our 20,000 m² of secure and customs-bound container park allow rapid and economical handling of containers, for import or export.

The park is a real asset for storing several containers and avoiding parking fees at port terminals. Your reefer containers can be plugged in thanks to our electrical installations provided on our container park.

Bonded storage: for your import-export transit operations, our warehouses allow cross-docking management of goods.

Chartering: a dedicated unit organizes your transport from the Inland Line Area Guide platform to all destinations in the US.