Pharmaceutical Logistics

Tailor-made solutions for players in the pharmaceutical industry

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Inland Line Area Guide’s expertise in the healthcare sector is based above all on its solid logistical experience. Indeed, Inland Line Area Guide provides logistical management of products from the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

In accordance with the high requirements of players in the health sector, Inland Line Area Guide pays particular attention to the safety and quality of goods. As well as compliance with health regulations and protocols. In addition, Inland Line Area Guide carefully manages and controls the distribution networks with the aim of providing a complete and quality service. This is why we have a sampling area suitable for this type of goods. Our teams are also trained in strict specifications concerning sampling and quality control.

The pharmaceutical sector is a sensitive sector. Our logistics warehouses have pest control systems in order to preserve the goods. As well as the daily monitoring of the temperature in warehouses. These products are delicate, which is why at Inland Line Area Guide, our employees are experts in pharmaceutical logistics.

Our advantages in Pharmaceutical Logistics

Trained teams: it is essential for Inland Line Area Guide to meet the requirements of our pharmaceutical customers. Our teams are trained in the specifics of the products in order to maintain a high level of service.

Appropriate warehouses: our warehouses are suitable storage places to accommodate medical products. Indeed, they respect strict rules in terms of storage and meet the requirements of players from the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, our ingenious Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers traceability as well as precise inventory tracking of your merchandise. Finally, our bonded warehouses allow you to manage the related costs more easily.

Demanding maintenance: Inland Line Area Guide is demanding on the maintenance of its warehouses in order to respect the specific hygiene and cleanliness conditions of the products.

Inland Line Area Guide and its collaborators are at your disposal for the management of the outsourcing of your pharmaceutical supply chain.


A transport service adapted to pharmaceutical logistics

Our international transport providers (air, sea, etc.) must strictly comply with specifications that are specific to the nature of each pharmaceutical product.

Transporters must be vigilant because many incompatibilities exist, for example with agri-food products or dangerous products.

For more information on the transport of pharmaceutical goods, you can contact our dedicated team.