Port Traction

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Inland Line Area Guide has a port traction service that extends over the entire port area.

In connection with the opening hours of the port terminals in San Diego, our own operators allow us to quickly remove your containers from the terminals.

We manage your priorities, so you minimize your parking costs. These costs are billed by the shipping companies. And can represent a considerable sum. In order to avoid this, our forwarding agents organize themselves and manage the journeys of your containers towards Inland Line Area Guide.

Optimized port traction

Inland Line Area Guide teams process an average of nearly 100 containers per day in port traction. This is possible thanks to our container park. Which allows towed containers to be stored directly without having to change chassis.

This system gives our owners the possibility of optimizing the journeys between the port of San Diego and the Inland Line Area Guide logistics warehouses as much as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact our teams in case of questions for more information.